White Way Sign Company

White Way Sign Company is a custom sign manufacturer with corporate facilities in Chicago, IL.

White Way Sign - Who We Are

Man's desire to communicate visually can be traced to the beginnings of time from writing and drawings on the walls of caves to the concrete canyons of a modern day city. There is a natural desire to communicate and to communicate an image with beauty, style and form. Those who are expert in the signage arts can assist that endeavor. Creating an imaginative image that announces, excites and informs is our passion. Our intimate understanding of all aspects of the signage arts brings to reality an image that defines the customer's communicative requirements.

White Way's preeminence in the electronic aspects of visual imagery admixed with its 80 year history in all aspects of the traditional sign business brings a unique fusion of capabilities that are found nowhere else.

What sets a custom sign company apart from all others in the industry? A true dedication toward quality, reliability, service and price best describes the company. Founded in 1916, White Way has maintained the most rigid standards that combine the critical eye of an old world craftsman's emphasis on perfection, with the latest "state of the art" technology available today.

We pride ourselves in being the problem solver, the doctor. Whether it be a custom display for the corner shoe store around the block, or it be every square inch of signage and scoreboards at Madison Square Garden, we take great pride in servicing our customer's individual needs.

Today with a heavy emphasis on electronics, White Way has become one of the largest industry leaders worldwide in sports scoreboards, advertising displays, information displays on expressways, airports, train stations, state lotteries, race tracks and more.

Never once have we forgotten the secret to eight decades of success. As a business that has been carefully run by the same family for three generations, we clearly understand that our most prized possession is our reputation. Our commitment to service on every level is our first priority. To be able to proudly boast of a portfolio of thousands of customers that range from Allstate to Zenith, speaks for itself.

We invite you to call us for your signage needs and look forward to being of service to you.