White Way Sign Company

White Way Sign Company is a custom sign manufacturer with corporate facilities in Chicago, IL.

Our Tradition

Thomas F. Flannery, Sr., Founder
There is something to be said for tradition. It breeds continuity and purpose.
White Way Sign and Maintenance Co. was founded by Thomas F. Flannery, Sr., in 1916. Our dramatic growth into the largest business identification and custom sign company in the U.S., and despite the dramatic changes in the way America does business today, our philosophy remains unchanged.
We believe in quality signage that is artfully constructed of durable materials and constantly maintained and monitored.
We are committed to the constant evolution of the sign arts. Yet, we despise brash and visually illiterate signs more than almost anything else.
We pursue quality. Quality design. Quality fabrication. Quality service. A sign is a highly visible calling card for the company or structure it represents. Therefore, it must complement its environment while performing a successful role of identification.
Our success over the years comes directly from our respect for the dignity and image our product represents to the public. And it comes from the satisfaction our customers have with their signs.
With that in mind, we sincerely hope that we may serve your sign needs.